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An Open Invitation

               from me to you...

All Humans Design!  It is only natural that Design is a direct link to Leadership & Strategy.


                               - George Nelson, CEO

Over the past decade there has been a significant focus on innovation and its impact on business and enterprise. Not only technological innovation, but innovation in the way we think and behave. Innovation as a result of embracing creativity to design new ways in which to offer our clients greater, more effective and easier solutions. 



Opportunity Logistics has over the past 20 years been providing Stock listed Corporations, Government, University, Charities, SMEs and Start Ups with the glue that joins the operational machinery of business with creative solutions and design intelligence.



We are a firm dedicated to designing the logistics behind any opportunity. We are Design Strategists. We design your Business Opportunity. We scan your prospective Enterprise and competitive position. 



Opportunity Logistics is Australia’s leading

Design Intelligence Business Consulting Firm. 



Design Intelligence is more than Design thinking and problem solving methods. It is a framework which links Human and Social Factors with Inspiration and Enterprise. 



Many leading enterprises are benefiting from Design-led Strategy. Will you be next? 



We invite you to Join other Executives, Entrepreneurs and Leaders around the world and elevate your enterprise to global leader using our Design Intelligence leadership framework for your next Business Opportunity Strategy. 






Strategy is

after all

an act of Design

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