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Have you got Ideas for Growth or New Enterprise?


Opportunity Logistics is launching its inaugural BIG Ideas Grant. We are looking for Australian Businesses to apply below for a Growth or Innovation Grant. Successful candidates will be able to access up to $20,000 worth of mentoring, coaching, strategic consulting, ideation, think tanks, training and networking to make the BIG Idea a reality!


Growth Grant

If your business is buzzing along you may like to grow its appeal and expand its operation. There are many ways to do this but first we need to be sure we have quality control and consistency to ensure expansion is successful.


Innovation Grant

You may have a new idea for your business. A new product, design, market or way of doing things. No idea is a bad idea. Let's explore your innovation and see if it is the next big thing. 



1. Complete the Application form below

2. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed with a site visit

3. ISF application to be submitted

4. Grant issued

5. Big Idea Activity Begins



The BIG Ideas Grant by Opportunity Logistics is aligned to the Federal Government's Enterprise Scheme and Industry Skills Fund initiatives. All applicants will be assessed against the criteria of the corresponding grant criteria. 


1. You must have an ABN.

2. You must be GST registered and active for the past 3 years.

3. You must not be listed with the Workplace Equality Agency as being an organisation in breach.







Criteria may change in line with government initiaitves. Opportunity Logistics does not participate in the stage three evaluation (ISF application). Opportunity Logistics will support and assist the candidate for stage three. Stage three is independently operated by the federal government. Although Opportunity Logistics is a supporter of national economic development and federal government initiatives, Opportunity Logistics is not a representative of the federal government or any of its initiatives. Opportunity Logistics reserves the right to change any part of the nature of this Grant without notification and to make decisions based on information provided in order to assess candidates relevance. In submitting an application form for the BIG Ideas Grant you agree to the Opportunity Logistics Client Infomration Agreement. Please click here to preview the standard Client Information Agreement. Opportunity Logistics will only invoice for the ISF funded amount and cover the balance up to the Big Ideas Grant amount. The Big Ideas Grant amount is offered as one amount of $20,000 per application. 


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