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Conquer the Unknown

Strategy is getting from

point A to point B.  Simple.




Design Strategy unlocks future opportunities

Design Strategy is fluid.

Use it for any industry and any project.

Our Services


We create

New thinking

New ideas

New opportunity


A senior consultant will

accompany your next

big idea festival.

This is an attractive and

simple way to engage an

Opportunity Logistics

Design Strategist.

Think Tanks

We join disparate ideas

Dance with difficult concepts

Transitional Leadership

Discover new Markets


An ideal solution for any 

organisation planning a

strategic approach with a

mixed stakeholder group.

Through a series of

bootcamps and facilitation

sessions you will witness

your team develop

dynamic strategy.

Design Strategy

Capitalise on Opportunities

Design Logistics

Inspirational Leadership 

Deliver Results


Opportunity Logistics will 

develop your strategic direction 

on your behalf.

A small team 

will run diagnostics and scanning, present the analysis and

with your direction will design a prospective business opportunity strategy.



Conferences & Events

Short course seminars

Corporate PD Days

Work Integrated Learning


Imagine having your entire team tuned into the power of innovation and identifying new opportunities. 


Get ahead of your competition.

See what they struggle with.


CEO, George Nelson, is available for customised Speaking engagements.

Want to know more?

Let's chat over a coffee.

Like-minded Organisations

we have had the

pleasure to work with

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